Introducing Map Shack - a MapsPeople Podcast

It’s no secret. We love maps -- but we’re not the only ones. Everyday, we get to surround ourselves with inspiring people that are using mapping technology to build innovative solutions that will affect our future. 

We want to share some of this knowledge with you, and that’s why we’ve created Map Shack - a MapsPeople podcast where we’ll be chatting to mapping industry experts, geeks, colleagues, and thought leaders within the mapping technology field to spread the word about innovation throughout the business of maps.

Episode 1: References make the whole difference

"You can have the best product in the world,
but a lot of the clients don't want to be the first one"

Jonas Berntsen, MapsPeople COO & Partner

Back in July, our Austin office celebrated its first birthday, but what is it like to do business in Austin, Texas compared to Aalborg, Denmark? We decided to invite our COO and Partner, Jonas Berntsen, in for a talk about the differences between running a business in the US compared to Denmark.

So, kick back and enjoy the very first episode of Map Shack.

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