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The enhanced MapsIndoors 3D ensures even better symbolic realism and map interaction. With time of day determining lighting and shadows, showing and hiding building extrusions, elevated markers, and new label types, you’ll get access to an immersive mapping experience like never before.
A quick walk-through of the newest advancements for MapsIndoors in Q4 2023, including a new developer documentation site, new map behaviour for highlighting, hovering and selecting and global performance improvements. 
Get the full overview of the most important releases for MapsIndoors in Q3 2023, including support for Flutter and React Native and exciting updates to both Map Template and MapsIndoors CMS.

The quick recap on everything that's been made available to MapsIndoors during Q2 of 2023, including updates and improvements to both SDKs and the MapsIndoors CMS.

The Map Template makes it simple and easy to launch complete map solutions with all essential UI elements bundled for your convenience.

Working with your map in the MapsIndoors CMS is now easier than ever. A range of updates designed to make it even easier for you to manage your map solution is now available.

There’s 3D maps, and then there’s the new 3D maps in MapsIndoors... Forget about generic, simple extrusions and get ready for detailed 3D models and objects that bring your map to life.

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