Transform your space with innovative indoor maps

The MapsIndoors mapping platform provides everything you need to add indoor maps, wayfinding, and location data directly within your own applications.


What is MapsIndoors?


Experience the advantages of advanced indoor mapping

MapsIndoors is a dynamic mapping platform that integrates seamlessly into any existing application. Using outdoor mapping engines like Google Maps or Mapbox, MapsIndoors takes mapping one step further by extending their capabilities to indoor spaces.

Built to fit your needs, MapsIndoors empowers your users with features from wayfinding to desk booking and visualization of real-time information, all in the same place. We deliver high-resolution maps at scale in both 2D and 3D for you to visualize data, when and where you need it.


Unlock the potential of your solution with indoor maps

The MapsIndoors platform consists of indoor mapping SDKs for any platform, APIs that allow you to integrate and show your own data on maps, and a powerful content management system, where you have data at your fingertips.

Your space’s data is already out there. We specialize in aggregating it into a simplified, interactive overview of your facility to increase its value, reduce reliance on internal resources, and enhance your customers’ experiences.

With MapsIndoors, we provide you with everything you need to elevate your own solution with indoor mapping capabilities.



By combining your indoor map with indoor positioning technology, you can provide users with real-time turn-by-turn wayfinding to navigate them to their desired location within large or complex facilities.


Live data integrations

Keep your map constantly updated with real-time information and make sure your users are always presented with the most accurate and up-to-date representation even in constantly changing environments.


Map templates

With pre-built map templates, the implementation of your indoor maps becomes easier than ever. Use our template as it is or build a more advanced version when you have the time.

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Data insights

Use your mapping data to get insight into the movement of people or objects within your facility and leverage it to optimize your spaces in terms of usage, efficiency, and safety.

Sophistication developers love

MapsIndoors is available for web, Android, and iOS. The MapsIndoors Software Development Kit (SDK) seamlessly integrates into any existing or custom application. The SDK plays well now and in the future for any additional application integration for your growing business needs.

With every MapsIndoors solution comes 360 degrees of technical support from our team of experts.

MapsIndoors CMS

The MapsIndoors CMS makes it easy to update your virtual layout whenever your space changes. Updated a conference room? Updated map. Moved a coffee maker? MapsIndoors follows the beans. New printer? New point of interest on your dynamic floor plan.

Your MapsIndoors single point of entry makes it fast and easy to update your indoor maps and live data visualizations, no programming skills required.


Powerful features, inspired design, empowered businesses

With MapsIndoors, we deliver everything you need to elevate your existing solutions with indoor mapping capabilities. We take care of the details so you can focus on your business’ core.

We offer various packages designed to support your specific mapping needs and tailor pricing to your business model, all in lock step with your team. This is a partnership for empowerment.

MapsIndoors through Google Cloud Marketplace

You can seamlessly access MapsIndoors through the Google Cloud Marketplace.

As the only Google Maps-based indoor navigation platform offered on the Google Cloud Marketplace, GCP customers can purchase MapsIndoors directly via private offer.

A whole new level of ease with MapsPeople

Our trusted team of MapsPeople engineers customize your solution from inception to implementation and ensure scalability for the future, no matter the use case. We bring a healthy dose of creativity to the creation process along with digital automation and machine learning, so every detail is perfect.

We put partners at the center and give you the tools to succeed and grow your business. Our partner program is built to fit your needs and scales with your business – just like our platform, MapsIndoors.


Partner testimonials

  • At Wayleadr we’re trying to innovate how we help our customers save time, optimize, and bring efficiency in their parking management situations. When we started looking at how we could take each commuter right from their doorstep to their assigned spot within the office building, we wanted to make sure that there was no hassle finding that spot for them. We started looking for multiple solutions and MapsPeople jumped out as one of the go-to solutions, saving the hassle of integrating with our own platform and making it easier and very seamless for our commuters to find the parking spot they were looking for.

    Garret Flower
    Founder & CEO
  • “MapsIndoors is not just a plug and play solution. It is a platform that you integrate into your solution and when you do that there will be challenges. MapsPeople helps us solve these challenges and that is really important to us - we are in this together and we solve the challenges we face together.”

    Martijn Kors
    iot Spot

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