Visualize, navigate, and connect indoor spaces

MapsIndoors helps you make customized, interactive indoor maps at scale that integrate seamlessly into your software.


Eliminate the complexity of mapping

Indoor mapping is complicated. Speed up your time to market by levering specialized mapping expertise to get interactive, engaging digital maps while freeing up your own resources.

As mapping experts, we understand, know and stay at the forefront of complex mapping capabilities allowing you to focus on your core business.

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The impact of MapsIndoors

Well-designed digital indoor maps capture attention and facilitate a more enjoyable exploration of indoor spaces within your product. This visual appeal not only enhances the user experience and encourages interaction with your product, but also makes your product stand out. 


The MapsIndoors package

Scalable map creation
Regardless of the quantity or frequency of map production, automation technology combined with expert QA ensures delivery of georeferenced, navigable, and customizable maps at scale. 
Fast map implementation
No matter your choice of platform and need for customization, fast implementation of the map in your product is guaranteed supported by documentation, sample code and low code.
Self-service map management
Eliminating the need for developer resources or external support, you or your customers do can edit floor plans, metadata or make object changes in real time.

Partner testimonials

  • At Wayleadr we’re trying to innovate how we help our customers save time, optimize, and bring efficiency in their parking management situations. When we started looking at how we could take each commuter right from their doorstep to their assigned spot within the office building, we wanted to make sure that there was no hassle finding that spot for them. We started looking for multiple solutions and MapsPeople jumped out as one of the go-to solutions, saving the hassle of integrating with our own platform and making it easier and very seamless for our commuters to find the parking spot they were looking for.

    Garret Flower
    Founder & CEO
  • “MapsIndoors is not just a plug and play solution. It is a platform that you integrate into your solution and when you do that there will be challenges. MapsPeople helps us solve these challenges and that is really important to us - we are in this together and we solve the challenges we face together.”

    Martijn Kors
    iot Spot

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