Take Your Airport Solution to New Heights

Help your customers enhance operations, optimize facility management, and skyrocket traveler experience with digital indoor maps.

A Stress-Free Travel Experience

With MapsIndoors integrated into your airport solution, you can offer travelers easy wayfinding from their front door to the parking lot, through check-in and security, and to their favorite shops, restaurants, and duty-free stores in one seamless interface.

The map makes it easy for them to find points of interest or they can use the search and find feature to find their favorite shopping destinations. ETAs show travelers how long it will take to get through the terminals, so they do not have to worry about being late for their flight.

Unlock Real-Time Efficiency

Say goodbye to downtime and inefficiencies. With MapsIndoors, your clients gain vital real-time insights into equipment location and status. Empower them to seamlessly track and manage assets, strategically allocate resources, schedule maintenance efficiently, and elevate overall operational productivity. MapsIndoors can also help monitor parking space availability for aircraft and ground vehicles.

Elevate Emergency Preparedness

Integrating MapsIndoors into your solution elevates emergency response and evacuation planning. Visualize emergency scenarios for strategic planning, identify exits for swift evacuations, and access real-time location data for passengers and staff. This empowers airport authorities and emergency responders to make informed decisions swiftly during critical situations.

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