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Putting people first

At MapsPeople we put people first. We put people first when we work together, when we welcome new colleagues, partners, and clients, and when we create solutions designed to help workers, travelers, and visitors all over the world.

We always stay true to who we are as a company and as individuals in the things we do. We value our relationships worldwide because they empower us to do even better, just like we empower them.

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Not to brag, but...

  • A rare combination of small company flexibility and public company resources allow me to grow quickly at MapsPeople. Autonomy to experiment and the support of the managers puts success or failure in my own hands.

    Usaama Alnaji
    Partner Development Manager
  • MapsPeople has a unique culture that allows me to grow within my role, which gives a great sense of meaning to my work life.

    Malou Damgaard
    Content Manager
25+ years of mapping expertise
20+ nationalities
We support multiple languages
Offices in Denmark, USA, Singapore, and Germany

Workplace & culture

We have the privilege of working with talented, passionate, and inclusive colleagues. We enjoy working as a team and helping each other and we see diversity to be one of our strengths. It is our sense of open and inclusive communication that makes our workplace fun, innovative, and dynamic.

MapsPeople culture is based on trust, and it is a great blend of dedication to tasks and humor. Our culture is professional and goal-oriented while also having room for fun - and when we achieve our goals, we celebrate! With social activities and company-wide events, we keep our culture strong.


Sales & customer success

Our sales and customer success representatives are our most direct connection to our clients. Together, they work with clients to understand needs, create the best, tailored solution, and ensure a continuous positive experience.

We are passionate about leveraging endless possibilities for our customers. Our skilled marketing team works together to create awareness and convey and deliver our values to users.

Indoor maps are the heart and soul of MapsIndoors, and the main activities in our deployment team are CAD drafting and project management to ensure that customers are swiftly up and running with detailed and accurate maps.


The MapsPeople development team is responsible for the development and maintenance of MapsIndoors and the supporting CMS and is divided across these primary technologies: automation, backend, frontend, mobile app and SDK, and UX/UI.


Strong analytical skills and a passion for working with numbers: Our finance team is responsible for managing the financial resources of the organization and ensuring that they are used in a way that maximizes the value of the organization. 

Human resources

From recruiting and hiring new colleagues to promoting a positive work culture, our human resources department always puts the people first to ensure a comfortable environment. 


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MapsPeople culture can be seen in everything we do and it guides us anywhere, anytime. 

Investor relations

Since MapsPeople was established in 1997, mapping has always been at the core of the business. In 2009, we pivoted into becoming a Software-as-a-Service company focusing on making the world more accessible by guiding people anywhere at any time with our dynamic mapping platform, MapsIndoors.

As of June 2, 2021, MapsPeople is officially listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market. We're thankful for the interest in our company and continue our journey towards becoming the global leader within dynamic mapping.