Innovative indoor mapping that scales to your business

Bring your spaces to life. MapsIndoors delivers dynamic, scalable mapping solutions at maximum value. Sophisticated 2D and 3D maps are simple to use and easy to implement and update.


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MapsIndoors is a dynamic mapping platform that uses innovative indoor mapping technology to create a dynamic digital footprint of your floors, with every detail and resource included. Every MapsIndoors solution delivers a consistent and reliable user experience from their front door to your front desk and beyond.

MapsIndoors integrates with any third-party data system and IoT device within your space to deliver a simple and seamless smart building experience for all.

  • MapsPeople pretty much jumped out as one of the go-to-solutions to look for in indoor mapping. MapsPeople has saved us the hassle of integrating with our own platform and makes it easier and very seamless for our customers and commuters to find the parking spot they are looking for.

    Akhil Jain
  • Having wayfinding that can actually send people in the right direction, it adds massive value. We have loved using it and it looks great. We are very pleased that we've found MapsPeople because the relationship is very strong. 

    Marc Goodman
    Head of Global Channel
  • We used to get complaints over our static event floor plan. MapsPeople's digital map solved that and we love the wayfinding feature and how easy it is to use. MapsPeople had fast turnaround time and it was a pleasure working with their team, despite the tight deadlines.

    Tricia Wong
    Project Director
    Clarion Events Pte. Ltd.

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Hybrid work works better when you can optimize your workspace utilization. Maximize the use of resources such as meeting rooms and open desks to make it easy for employees to find exactly what they need when they need it.


Make fans roar and revenues soar. Transform your stadium, theater, or entertainment complex into a versatile venue for diverse events. MapsIndoors boosts the entire fan experience by making it fast and easy to find exactly what they need, such as bathrooms, concessions, and exits. It also boosts your opportunities by enabling in-seat ordering.

Elevate your show with indoor mapping and wayfinding.

Empower attendees and exhibitors to make the most of their visit and increase revenue with differentiated booth pricing and upsell opportunities.


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