Transforming the Healthcare Experience

Elevate patient experiences, streamline asset management, and boost emergency preparedness with integrated indoor maps.

Smoother Patient and Visitor Journeys

Healthcare facilities are hard to navigate. By integrating MapsIndoors into your healthcare solution, you can offer seamless wayfinding on kiosks and mobile. Help your clients reduce patient and visitor stress, enhance the overall experience, and make navigating large healthcare complexes a breeze so they can say goodbye to delays, long wait times, and staff interruptions.

Simplify Asset Management

Hospitals juggle a multitude of medical equipment, making asset management a complex task. With MapsIndoors seamlessly integrated into your healthcare platform, you can provide your clients with real-time visualization and tracking of medical equipment and assets. MapsIndoors makes it easy to identify crucial equipment and schedule maintenance tasks, optimizing asset utilization and cost savings in healthcare operations.

Elevate Emergency Preparedness

In healthcare, being ready for emergencies is a must. Integrate MapsIndoors into your healthcare platform to visualize emergencies, locate exits, and provide real-time location data for patients and staff. This helps responders make quick decisions and enables your clients to conduct drills, refine emergency plans, and ensure their healthcare facility is covered.

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