Indoor Mapping for Smart Building Products

Customizable and interactive indoor maps integrated into your product and business, offering search, wayfinding, data visualization, and more out-of-the-box features.


hours saved yearly compared to building a map yourself


faster delivery on customer requests than other map solutions


total investment into building the MapsIndoors platform

"We’ve chosen MapsPeople because they have this drive and their 3D maps will take the mapping experience to a whole new level.”

Nathan Thomas
Head of Product

Room booking
Desk Booking
Digital Signage
Facility Management
Workplace Management

5 Features to Create a Better Map Experience

Help users find their way with step-by-step directions, dynamic route adjustments, personalized guidance based on their profiles, and wayfinding for accessibility.

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Customize what's searchable and how results show up with advanced search options that let users filter and tailor their map exploration - you can even search within specific areas, venues, or outside locations.

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Leverage your map design and functionality to add depth and value to the dynamic data from your FMS/IWMS, resource booking, data sensors, ERP system, and more.

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Pick the map style that suits you best - whether it's a branded look and feel or the ready-made predefined map style, the choice is yours.

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Navigate with confidence between outdoor and indoor spaces using accurate indoor maps that are perfectly aligned with the real-world position.

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