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Revolutionize navigation and parking with a smart mapping platform!

Knowing where important assets are – whether equipment or people – has a huge impact on productivity and thereby on revenue.

A digital mapping platform empowers you with the information you need when you need it.

In recent years, the concept of a building has evolved from a mere physical structure to a highly connected and intelligent space. Today, smart buildings are the norm, offering numerous benefits to building owners, facility managers, and occupants alike.

MapsIndoors’ 3D maps take your indoor maps to the next level with stunning and engaging 3D design at scale regardless of the size of your solution.

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  • Our mission has always been to provide the best workspace platform in the world. When we first started developing it, we quickly realized how complex maps are and how much innovation they require. With MapsPeople we can focus 100 % on our core competencies, room and desk booking and analytics, and still get the best map platform out there. MapsPeople enable us to be the best within our industry.

    Martijn Kors
    iot Spot
  • MapsIndoors brings value to our solution with advanced mapping features. Right now, we do simple mapping, but it doesn’t go beyond where we really want to be. The MapsIndoors platform allows us to do mapping on top of Google Maps. This enables us to do things like routing between floors, overlaying Google Maps directions, which is essential to our large enterprise customers. Also, increasing our ability to do multiple layers as well. Those are the elements that we’re really looking to expand into and enable customers to take mapping to a whole new level.

    Nathan Thomas
    Head of Product
    Ricoh Spaces

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