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Bring your floor plans to life

Implementing an interactive, digital indoor map of a large corporate office, which might be spread across a number of campuses, can improve productivity in the workplace and improve the overall employee satisfaction. With MapsIndoors, employees and guests can easily find a specific desk, printer or meeting room and get estimated walking time from their current location.


of people globally work remotely at least once a week


The cost of an empty desk equates to $27,000 per year

Improve the employee satisfaction

By making an indoor map of your office space available to employees, you ensure that they can easily locate specific desks, conference rooms, offices, kitchens, restrooms, or amenities such as printers. They might be called into a last minute meeting with a colleague or boss in a building they have not previously been in. When people are late for meetings, it is essentially money lost to the company. It also frustrates and stresses out the employee, who is scrambling around trying to find what they are looking for and removes attention from what is truly important.


Improve the use of resources

When we are lost or unsure where to go, we tend to ask for help. Every time an employee or a guest asks another member of staff for help, it takes time from something else. By ensuring that your employees and guests have access to digital indoor office maps, you eliminate the need to ask someone for directions – and in turn you free up valuable resources.


Cross platform integration

MapsIndoors can easily be integrated into mobile apps, info kiosks and on websites. This ensures that the maps can be accessed by people on their preferred platform at any time.


Our indoor wayfinding platform for corporate offices is built to be as flexible as possible for easy customization and adaptation to fit your needs. You might want to add a calendar integration to provide real time directions to scheduled appointments or integrate with company specific systems.

Privacy is key

With an indoor wayfinding solution built by MapsPeople, you ensure that the map of your corporate office is totally private if you wish it to be. If you just upload floor plans to e.g. Google Maps, you don’t have control of who can see the layout of your building. With MapsIndoors you can control everything shown on the map and hide the solution behind a password or in a private app.


Benefits of Indoor Wayfinding at corporate offices

  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Navigate seamlessly from outdoor to indoor
  • Free up valuable resources


Everyone Hates Your Office

If you want to know more about what indoor navigation can do for your office, download our free eBook, Everyone Hates Your Office.


Indoor navigation for corporate offices

Increase productivity and improve the use of resources with indoor wayfinding for corporate offices
Employees will spend less time showing visitors and colleagues around the office buildings
By improving the overall employee satisfaction, it will be easier to attract new employees

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