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5 reasons why you should invest in MapsPeople

Digital mapping experts with +30 years of experience

MapsPeople has developed the world-leading indoor map solution software and is used by some of the most well-known global brands across multiple industries.

MapsIndoors empowers users with features from wayfinding to desk booking and visualization of real-time information - all in the same place.

MapsIndoors, a market-leading indoor mapping platform

MapsIndoors uses multiple virtual layers to ensure a seamless user experience within multiple locations such as offices, stadiums, hospitals and universities.

MapsPeople’s primary focus is on corporate offices, stadiums and convention centers MapsPeople’s software, MapsIndoors, is being used by more than 550 customers in multiple locations and industries around the world.

MapsPeople has the leading OEM indoor mapping and navigation solution and is the industry leader in automatic map generation

MapsPeople has the industry-leading OEM indoor mapping solution, enabling customers to directly integrate indoor maps into any mobile app, website, or venue.

MapsPeople plans to further implement machine learning and AI to strengthen its competitive positioning.

MapsPeople’s ecosystem of strategic partners continues to grow as a revenue stream

MapsPeople continues to add new integrations to its solution allowing users to integrate everything from booking a meeting room to asset tracking of goods and live occupancy of rooms.

Moreover, multiple global companies continue to scale their solutions, apps, or smart workplaces by integrating MapsIndoors into their own applications.

MapsIndoors has experienced immense ARR growth

MapsPeople’s potential market is forecasted to grow with a CAGR of 45% reaching 55 billion USD by 2030.

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