The smart campus experience

Your students are already tech-savvy and expect a tech-enabled institution that offers them a personalized digital experience. Now is the time to improve the overall branding of your campus and proclaim your status as a modern, digital institution.

The future is digital and interactive

Picture an anxious student stumbling around an unfamiliar building trying to find a specific classroom. Add to that a guest lecturer who is 10 minutes late to a lecture because they got lost on their way to the auditorium. Now you have an everyday scenario at universities around the globe. 

With a dynamic mapping platform, you will not only leave the issue of navigating complex campuses in the past. Improve everyday life for students and staff and take the lead as a modern institution.

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Reduce stress with wayfinding

For new students, staff, and visitors, being unable to find their way around large campuses can be a stressful experience. With seamless outdoor-to-indoor wayfinding on a digital and interactive map of your campus, you empower users with a powerful tool that simplifies complex campus infrastructure.

Easy integration

Let visitors benefit from your campus map without the need to download an application by integrating the map into a kiosk solution or other digital signage.

Our mapping SDKs enable integration to your platforms of choice, and any edits to your digital map are easily deployed and updated across all platforms in real-time for a simplified and more efficient workflow.

Take the lead in the digital transformation

Many campuses rely on traditional signage to guide students and staff around, but it is a costly affair to maintain and update on a regular basis - not to mention time-consuming.

With the implementation of a digital and interactive map, you save money on traditional signage and printed maps while empowering your facility management with a map that is easy to manage and highly cost-effective to keep up-to-date.


  • The MapsIndoors map, built on the industry standard Google Maps Platform, is a very welcomed change with the multi-floor feature that allows people to navigate the whole University campus without feeling lost. This is super important especially for new students and visitors who may not yet be familiar with the layout and location of tutorial rooms, meeting rooms, and lecture halls! And we all know that we should not be late for lessons.

    Kee Haur
    Team Lead, Enterprise IT, Centre for IT Services
    NTU Singapore

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