Taking airport experiences and revenues to new heights

Stress-free navigation with real-time ETA technology that ensures every passenger who traverses your terminals knows exactly where to go and how long it will take to get there.

Boost non-aeronautical revenue

Digital maps and wayfinding empower you to untap the full potential of your non-aeronautical revenue streams. In addition, it enhances the passenger experience, which can lead to increased revenues and propensity to spend. Less time worrying, more time to grab a bite to eat, enjoy a drink, or snag a duty-free gift with indoor mapping and wayfinding. 

Increase revenue from parking
By integrating your parking management system with a dynamic map of your spaces you make it easy for passengers to book an available parking space before driving to your airport. The map allows travelers to find an available spot near their entrance from the comfort of their couch, ensuring a stress-free start to their vacation.

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Lift your revenue to new heights

Boost tax-free shopping
Empower passengers to spend more time shopping in your duty-free area or enjoying dinner at their favorite restaurant. A dynamic map makes it easy for travelers to find their favorite shops and navigate to them with reliable wayfinding. Thanks to ETAs, they do not have to guess how long it will take to get through the airport, allowing them to spend more time shopping before heading to their gate. 

Optimize store pricing 
Analyze how visitors move through your airport with detailed heat mapping capabilities so you can differentiate store pricing based on people flow. MapsIndoors gathers, analyzes, and visualizes data about your passenger behavior, so you can precisely quantify the value of each store location and back up your promise of exposure with data.

An easier traveler experience with wayfinding

Step-by-step and turn-by-turn
With MapsIndoors travelers can easily navigate from their front door to your parking lot, through check-in and security, and to their favorite shops, restaurants, and duty-free stores in one seamless interface.

The map makes it easy for them to find points of interest or they can use the search and find feature to find their favorite shopping destinations. ETAs show travelers how long it will take to get through the terminals, so they do not have to worry about being late for their flight.


Eliminate frustration with live data visualizations

MapsIndoors’ live data integrations show passengers real-time wait times at security, restrooms, restaurants, and kiosks, so passengers can plan their route without any unpleasant surprises.

Passengers can instantly see how long it will take them to navigate the airport and precisely how much time they have to spare before heading to their gate.

That’s a boon for your airport retailers and restaurants.


  • MapsIndoors brings value to our solution with advanced mapping features. Right now, we do simple mapping, but it doesn’t go beyond where we really want to be. The MapsIndoors platform allows us to do mapping on top of Google Maps. This enables us to do things like routing between floors, overlaying Google Maps directions, which is essential to our large enterprise customers. Also, increasing our ability to do multiple layers as well. Those are the elements that we’re really looking to expand into and enable customers to take mapping to a whole new level.

    Nathan Thomas
    Head of Product
    Ricoh Spaces

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