Indoor maps leveled up

MapsIndoors’ 3D maps take your indoor maps to the next level with stunning and engaging 3D design at scale regardless of the size of your solution.

Fast track to better engagement

MapsIndoors’ 3D maps raise the bar for what stunning indoor maps look like. With a striking design and 3D models, the vector graphics ensure a smooth, frictionless experience of zooming, tilting, and rotating through the map.

This look and feel of the map improves the user experience and enhances engagement, allowing you to take adoption rates to new heights.


From CAD drawing to wow factor

Turning your CAD drawing or 2D map into a detailed, impressive 3D map requires no extra effort or time to roll out regardless of the size of the solution.

With the advanced capabilities of the MapsIndoors platform, customized 3D indoor maps are available at scale, allowing for fast and easy implementation for all types of indoor spaces. 


Flexible by design

The extensive customization options allow you to turn your 3D maps into an effective branding piece. With simple modifications, you can tailor the 3D map with a look and feel that represents your identity and brand.

Determine your preferred color settings and upload either your own 3D models or dig into the large selection of available 3D models in the media library to customize and update your 3D maps.

All are easily done directly in the MapsIndoors CMS without any heavy lifting needed.


How can 3D maps increase the value of your solution?