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City, University of London offers students, staff, and visitors MapsIndoors to help them navigate the campus areas that spread across London.
Academic departments at City, University of London
Students were enrolled at City, University of London in 2017

City Nav App


City, University of London is a public university located in London. The University has its main campus in the Islington area, with additional campuses in the City of London and the Holborn, Smithfield and Whitechapel areas of London. The University contains around 27 academic departments and around 20,000 students were enrolled in 2017.



Picture a student living in a new city, trying to navigate around unfamiliar buildings. Add to that a guest lecturer who is  looking for multiple lecture theatres and you have an everyday scenario at universities around the globe.

Every year thousands of new students begin their academic life at City, University of London, which spreads across 5 campus areas around London. The University aspires to be one of the most technologically forward thinking institutions in the UK. This desire and the known issue of new students struggling to find their way around a vast campus, led the University IT management to look for a mapping and navigation solution.


City, University of London and MapsPeople are happy to announce the launch of the “City Nav” app, which will help students, staff and visitors navigate the great indoors at the University.

In the hunt for the right indoor mapping and navigation provider, City, University of London had three main requirements:


The solution had to:

  • Offer a seamless transition from the outdoor world and into the campus areas
  • Support the fact that the University facilities change regularly
  • Be easy to integrate with 3rd party data and technology providers

Try it out here.


MapsIndoors is built entirely on Google Maps, which ensures a seamless transition from the outdoor world and into the campus area. This was extremely important to City, University of London, as the university is spread across 5 different sites in London. By ensuring that the outdoor map and the indoor map are connected, students and staff can see the route from their home address and into one campus area. Furthermore, the fact that the mapping overlay has the same look and feel as Google Maps, ensures a high level of familiarity and brand recognition for the users and improves the overall user experience.

By ensuring that outdoor and indoor maps are connected, students and staff can view routes from their home address directly into the necessary campus area.
With indoor navigation students and staff spend less time trying to navigate or giving directions
By being technologically forward, the university wants to attract more students.
Seamless transition from outdoor to indoor ensures easy wayfinding between campus areas