Unleash the power of location

Knowing where important assets are, whether equipment or people, has a huge impact on productivity and revenue.

Real-time visibility of your assets at all times

Tagging your assets is not very helpful unless you have a map to visualize their real-time location and help you find them.

A dynamic mapping platform enables you to see exactly where things are located within your facility and provides you with turn-by-turn navigation directly to them, helping you solve a number of challenges.


Minimize downtime with tracking and navigation

Detect and locate bottlenecks and breakdowns quickly and efficiently.

MapsIndoors helps you locate broken equipment and nearby technicians at the same time, making it faster and easier to find and notify the best-suited person for the job.

You can also share the exact location of the equipment with external vendors through a link in a text message. By clicking on the link, they will get navigation help all the way from their current location to the broken equipment inside your plant, so your production will be up and running as quickly as possible.

Asset tracking-1-1

Increase safety and reduce incidents with tracking and geofencing

Increase safety by integrating your employee tracking system with MapsIndoors to see the position of all employees in case of emergency, ensuring that everyone is in a safe zone and locating those who are not. The map also enables you to find and rescue injured employees quickly.

Create high-risk zones around dangerous equipment with geofencing and visualize the zones with MapsIndoors in your workplace application and on kiosks and monitors in your production area.

How can MapsIndoors increase the value of your solution?