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To overcome the challenge of poor wayfinding at previous ITCA events, MapsPeople created an indoor map for the 2023 event. The map covered a space of ~6000 m2, including exhibitor and sponsor booths, and other key points of interest.
NTU has been accelerating its digital transformation to meet the changing needs of the University and its employees, to streamline processes and to enhance operational efficiency as part of the NTU Smart Campus vision.
Traditional asset and people tracking methods are often labor-intensive, error-prone, and lack real-time visibility. With MapsIndoors, Milestone Systems can now offer a solution for real-time asset and people tracking.
Swiss administration office offers its employees a complete hybrid working experience.
The university engaged with Modo and leveraged its low-code app-building platform to deliver interactive indoor and outdoor maps and directions through MapsPeople as part of a unified digital experience with Modo Campus.