Revolutionizing the hotel guest experience

The hospitality industry has long ago identified a need for digital solutions to streamline and optimize the guest experience. With the implementation of indoor mapping, hotels achieve a solution that not only offers a new and improved experience for guests but also opens up new revenue streams.

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Provide guests with an experience - not just a stay

Easily integrable with your existing systems, MapsIndoors takes the guests’ experience in your hotel to the next level.

Maximize guests’ enjoyment of your facilities with wayfinding features that easily lead them to their point of interest within the hotel, be it their room, a restaurant, or the spa. For guests with special mobility needs, you can offer accessibility routes and services for a safe and comfortable experience.

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New revenue stream for hotels

Research shows that hotel guests are willing to pay extra to be able to choose their own.

With the use of indoor mapping, guests are enabled with a visual overview of room options in the hotel and empowered to pick the room that best matches their preferences in both size, location, and other potential add-ons. 

Elevate your existing services

Combine your existing services with indoor mapping and indoor positioning systems to unlock an entirely new experience for hotel guests.

Enable guests with access control to unlock their room door only with the use of a mobile key, with the ability to order food directly to their room, or with easy chatting features with your staff.

Keep track of your facilities

Get insight into your guests’ movement and behavior with heatmap analyzes to make informed decisions about allocating or adding more staff to heavily visited or crowded areas.

Improve both safety and the overall guest experience by ensuring that there is always staff available to assist guests with any needs or requests they may have.


  • The integration of MapsIndoors not only improves the digital guest experience, we also experience that more guests use the 'Choose Room' functionality. This benefits the hotels directly since guests are willing to pay up to 10% of the room price to choose their own room. This is a new revenue stream for hotels.

    Nikolai Kronborg
    Partner & CCO

How can MapsIndoors increase the value of your solution?