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Creating Gen Z-friendly workspaces
A new generation is entering the workforce: Generation Z. This happens every 15(-ish) years, but...
Indoor Mapping: To build or buy a map for your solution? A guide to making the right choice
Indoor maps have become as indispensable as a cup of coffee on a Monday morning - you just cannot...
Why digital twins are a must in large and complex buildings
You probably already know the concept. The digital twin term has been buzzing around for the past...
The business value of good design
Do you remember when Apple launched the iPod in 2001? Bye-bye, portable antishock (which never...
Navigating the risks of hybrid work for women: strategies for success
At first, it was a perk, then it became a necessity during the pandemic, and now it is an...
3 ways technology drives employee engagement and retention
If being an employer was ever easy, it is not anymore. 

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