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The digital transformation is manifesting in today’s modern smart buildings and corporate offices. Buildings need to be smart, connected, and facilitate efficiency for facility management, employees, and visitors.

Bring your venue to life and enhance the attendee experience with a digital map that empowers visitors to make the most of their day at your show.

Bring the on-site excitement and the at-home convenience and let fans enjoy the game while you boost your revenue with stadium mapping.

Create a seamless and engaging digital in-store experience that bridges the gap between online and offline customer experience and increases revenue.

By implementing an indoor mapping platform, you can combine all pertinent information regarding the hospital layout in one user-friendly solution and reduce patient, visitor, and staff stress.

Provide passengers with a stress-free airport experience and empower them to enjoy more time in your duty-free area with indoor mapping and wayfinding. 
Your students are already tech-savvy and expect a tech-enabled institution that offers them a personalized digital experience. Now is the time to improve the overall branding of your campus and proclaim your status as a modern, digital institution.
The hospitality industry has long ago identified a need for digital solutions to streamline and optimize the guest experience.

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  • Our mission has always been to provide the best workspace platform in the world. When we first started developing it, we quickly realized how complex maps are and how much innovation they require. With MapsPeople we can focus 100 % on our core competencies, room and desk booking and analytics, and still get the best map platform out there. MapsPeople enable us to be the best within our industry.

    Martijn Kors
    iot Spot
  • MapsIndoors brings value to our solution with advanced mapping features. Right now, we do simple mapping, but it doesn’t go beyond where we really want to be. The MapsIndoors platform allows us to do mapping on top of Google Maps. This enables us to do things like routing between floors, overlaying Google Maps directions, which is essential to our large enterprise customers. Also, increasing our ability to do multiple layers as well. Those are the elements that we’re really looking to expand into and enable customers to take mapping to a whole new level.

    Nathan Thomas
    Head of Product
    Ricoh Spaces

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