Transform your workspace solution with indoor maps

Empower your clients to optimize, navigate, and manage their spaces like never before

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Help your clients maximize their space utilization

By adding MapsIndoors to your workplace platform, you can help your clients visualize their space utilization. This empowers them to optimize their layout accordingly, improving efficiency, saving costs, and creating a more agile workplace.

MapsIndoors seamlessly integrates with third-party systems, IoT devices, and sensors to enable your clients to book spaces and access real-time data visualizations, including occupancy, temperature, and air quality, directly on the map.


Wayfinding boosts productivity

Navigating an office should be a walk in the park but instead employees and visitors waste time searching for desks, meeting rooms, and colleagues.

With MapsIndoors integrated into your solution, you empower your users with accurate wayfinding right at their fingertips. The intuitive navigation lets employees and visitors locate desks, meeting rooms, and colleagues with ease, transforming the workplace experience and boosting productivity.

An unbeatable overview

Help your clients track equipment, schedule maintenance tasks, and identify potential challenges before they happen.

With MapsIndoors you can provide your clients with all the information they need to proactively manage their office in one visual experience. This helps them streamline processes, reduce downtime, and ensure a safer and well-maintained work environment.

Free guide: The 2023 Hybrid Workplace

 Learn more about making your office data actionable with a mapping solution that increases productivity, improves the user experience, and helps employees find what they need.


Iotspot's smart workplace platform empowers corporate offices to take hybrid working to the next level and to maximize the utilization of office space and resources.

Cisco Spaces provides corporate offices with a vital link between the data available in their physical space and the insights that can help them create a smart, safe, and seamless workplace.


  • Our mission has always been to provide the best workspace platform in the world. When we first started developing it, we quickly realized how complex maps are and how much innovation they require. With MapsPeople we can focus 100 % on our core competencies, room and desk booking, and analytics, and still get the best map platform out there. MapsPeople enables us to be the best within our industry.

    Martijn Kors
  • MapsIndoors brings value to our solution with advanced mapping features. Right now, we do simple mapping, but it doesn’t go beyond where we really want to be. The MapsIndoors platform allows us to do mapping on top of Google Maps. This enables us to do things like routing between floors, overlaying Google Maps directions, which is essential to our large enterprise customers. Also, increasing our ability to do multiple layers as well. Those are the elements that we’re really looking to expand into and enable customers to take mapping to a whole new level.

    Nathan Thomas
    Head of Product
    Ricoh Spaces

How can MapsIndoors increase the value of your solution?