Make your smart building even smarter

Uncover the hidden potential of your smart building with an indoor mapping platform that maximizes the value of your smart building investments.

Why your smart building needs an indoor map

By integrating an indoor map with all of your smart building technologies, you can visualize all important information on a map of your spaces, making it easy to understand and digest.

Profile-based map views ensure that everyone has access to the data they need but not to data that does not concern them.


Smart building benefits of indoor mapping

Data visualization

Visualize important data such as occupancy, foot traffic, and space utilization to identify underutilized areas, optimize energy usage based on occupancy patterns, and enhance building performance.

Improved productivity

Reduce time waste by integrating third-party systems, such as room and desk booking systems and 'find my colleague' solutions, so employees can easily see, book, and locate available resources and co-workers.

Streamline maintenance

Streamline planned maintenance and quickly locate equipment that needs repair with a map that gives you a complete overview of your devices.

How can MapsIndoors increase the value of your solution?