Redefine the event experience

Help your clients transform events into unforgettable experiences with digital maps that enhance the attendee experience and improve operational efficiency.


A superior attendee experience

Nothing kills a good event experience faster than not being able to find what you came for.

With MapsIndoors integrated into your event management solution, you empower everyone with advanced wayfinding. No more wasting time searching for exhibitors, stages, or amenities. MapsIndoors guides everyone to where they want to go and visitors can even get directions to and from outside destinations such as their hotel or the airport.


Maximize attendee engagement

Indoor maps are more than just guides; they are tools for transforming events.

With MapsIndoors you unlock a world of features designed to maximize attendee engagement and interaction. From location-based networking to personalized schedules and interactive maps, we help you redefine how attendees use your application at events. It is time to take engagement to new heights.

Customized maps for each event and venue

Events are as unique as the venues that host them. With MapsIndoors, you have the power to create custom maps that reflect the essence of each event and venue. This simplifies your onboarding process and delivers a tailored experience that meets the specific needs of each and every event and venue.

  • Having wayfinding that can actually send people in the right direction, it adds massive value. We have loved using it and it looks great. We are very pleased that we've found MapsPeople because the relationship is very strong. 

    Marc Goodman
    Head of Global Channel

How can MapsIndoors increase the value of your solution?