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Enhance the visitor experience with Indoor Wayfinding

Navigating and making the most of your time at a conference or convention is not always an easy thing to do. Large open spaces are turned into mazes with exhibitors and booths lining the narrow lanes. As a result, visitors may leave feeling disappointed and are less likely to return to the venue. The solution? Meet MapsIndoors – the next generation of indoor wayfinding. With MapsIndoors you can offer visitors an easy-to-use indoor wayfinding solution at the palm of their hands. They can plan their day at the conference and add exhibitors to visit to a customized route and hereby optimize their time spent at your venue.


By implementing indoor navigation you can boost sales and revenue


At Mobile World Congress 2017, 100,000 attendees had access to indoor wayfinding with MapsIndoors

MapsIndoors is built with Google Maps which offers a seamless transition from the outdoor world and into your conference facility, allowing attendees to plan a route from their home or hotel and to a specific stand.


Interact with visitors and boost revenue

MapsIndoors comes with possibilities that extend beyond wayfinding. By implementing an indoor positioning technology, you gain a range of other benefits from your mapping solution. You can add location based push notifications to your app and allow exhibitors to engage with the visitors on a personalized level. This way, exhibitors are able to sell or interact more and you can base your booth prices on accurate people flow information.


Or how about using the push notification technology to encourage people to eat lunch at a specific restaurant at your venue or perhaps have a drink in the rooftop bar? The possibilities are endless when you add indoor positioning to your MapsIndoors Wayfinding solution. There is a range of options when it comes to indoor positioning technology. Whether beacons, WiFi, Bluetooth or light positioning is right for your venue, depends on the building structure, layout and existing technology. We are happy to advise you on which positioning technology to choose.


Indoor Wayfinding on multiple platforms

Most people today own a smartphone and MapsIndoors is of course optimized for use on both Android and iOS. Furthermore, the solution can also easily be integrated into a website for people to plan their trip from home or into on-site info kiosks for those, who prefer to get an overview on a larger screen. The platform integration depends entirely on your needs and technology.


Easy updates and changes

One of the key characteristics of a convention center is that the layout and floor plans change constantly. We have taken this into consideration and created an intuitive, easy-to-use Content Management System, where you can add and edit points of interest, move and add booths and create a custom layout for each of your events. The MapsIndoors CMS is cloud-based and can be used by everyone.


Benefits of Indoor Wayfinding for convention centers

  • Improve the visitor experience and loyalty
  • Boost ticket sales
  • Use differentiated booth pricing based on actual people flow measurements
  • Changes and updates are easily implemented through the MapsIndoors CMS
  • Improve the overall branding of your convention venue


5 Steps to Improving Your Convention Center

If you want to know more about what indoor navigation can do for your convention center, download our free eBook, 5 Steps to Improving Your Convention Center with Indoor Navigation.


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