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In the event of a critical incident, swift response time is of paramount importance. Yet, when such incidents occur within indoor settings, responders often grapple with a lack of insights into the unfolding events, resulting in valuable time being lost while they seek crucial information. Questions around the whereabouts of building floor plans or campus layouts, the safety status of occupants, the need for medical attention, and the whereabouts of individuals within the building can lead to significant delays. This information gap has been aptly dubbed the "Big Black Hole" by responders.

This is precisely where AEGIX AIM steps in. The AEGIX AIM (Active Incident Management) platform is dedicated to the mission of "keeping people safe." Its reach extends to numerous locations across the United States, encompassing office buildings, schools, hospitals, government establishments, airports, and various businesses. The platform excels in real-time alerting and seamless coordination among all stakeholders during critical incidents.

With a simple integration of MapsIndoors partner, AEGIX AIM, your users will benefit from:

• Real-time incident updates and alerts located within our dynamic digital maps.

• Seamless communication with first responders, key decision makers, and those directly affected by an active incident.

Quicker and more effective response times for those responding to an active incident, helping reduce cost, injury, and potential loss of life.


How AEGIX and MapsIndoors work together





AEGIX exists for one purpose: to keep people safe. Incidents are unpredictable and when they happen, they happen fast. However, most people aren’t equipped with what the smartest response may be. 

The AEGIX AIM platform is a comprehensive incident response solution used in several hundred locations such as schools, hospitals, office buildings, government buildings, airports and other businesses to alert and connect everyone involved during an incident in real-time. There is open communication inside a safe, secure network that uses live responsive maps, allows you to track locations of others within the system and provides frontline personnel with the necessary tools to actively manage an incident.

With immediate guidance, reporting features, multi-directional chats and live responsive mapping; AEGIX AIM’s capabilities allow responders to see what’s happening almost as if they were in the room without physically being there.



What's the purpose of AEGIX, why was it founded? The sole purpose is finding innovations, or manufacturing or designing them, to protect people and keep them safe, especially those on the front lines, and that's what drives us. 

Chet Linton

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