Gulliver & MapsPeople: 23 tasks in just one tool

G-HR tech solution

The technological partnership between MapsPeople and Gulliver stems from the desire to enhance Gulliver's G-HR tech solution, the suite for managing the daily activities of all workers. 

The SUPER APP is the Corporate Assistant of all colleagues.

G-HR Tech suite is a single mobile or web solution that contains all the features an employee needs: Bookings, Time Management, Corporate Communication, Expense Reports, Training Courses and more…. 24 tasks in just one tool!

The integration with MapsIndoors allows Gulliver users to book the desk or meeting rooms (or any other desired asset) directly from the map of the workspace, as well as check rooms capacity and get the fastest route to the booked asset.


About Gulliver

Gulliver srl is an Italian software house that was founded in 2000 and that specializes in a number of different verticals.

They create innovative software and APP solutions that entail an effective strategic advantage for companies. 

Gulliver’s MDC-X & G-OAL platforms can integrate with a host of third-party data systems, allowing organizations to tailor and scale applications to their exact needs.

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