iotspot & MapsPeople

iotspot's Smart Workspace Platform solution is powered by MapsPeople and allows you to easily manage the capacity and layout of your workspace.

Do more in less space with iotspot

iotspot's Smart Workspace Platform can reduce your desk capacity by blocking desks, thus ensuring that employees won’t sit too close to each other. Staff will be able to book their desk from home with the included iotspot app and can only access your office by showing their desk booking. In the same app you can block and unblock desks with just one click, and the solution can be updated as often as you need to.

As employees must book a desk beforehand to access your office, iotspot is also a great tool to control how many you let inside your facility. In the iotspot app you can quickly get an overview of how many desks are booked and where people are sitting. You may find that some areas of your office are left unused, while others are always fully booked. This insight allows you to take action to distribute people more evenly over your spaces and further bring down the number of people in one area or room.




About iotspot

iotspot believes in making your office ready for the future by focusing on the user. It enables users to create a mobile working environment to meet, work together with teams, share ideas, and get a sense of being part of the organization. Combined with working from home or from a satellite office, iotspot’s smart workspace platform supports an agile workspace, where employees are able to work in a way that fits their needs.

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