Cisco Spaces & MapsIndoors

Integrate Cisco Spaces or Webex by Cisco with MapsIndoors.

Cisco Spaces

MapsIndoors is an indoor navigation platform with endless possibilities. It’s built with hard work and innovative technology making it the perfect choice whether you’re looking for an accurate wayfinding solution or a platform that lets you visualize important data and information - or both.

By pairing MapsIndoors with Cisco Spaces you can use the location services of your Cisco network to support indoor positioning when GPS is inaccurate. This allows you to offer users of your indoor maps a true wayfinding experience using their location as origin for guidance across rooms, floors, and even buildings.

The combination of MapsIndoors and Cisco Spaces also lets you:

  • Convert location data into actual room names and room identifiers, allowing you to build long-term utilization metrics and real-time visualization of available rooms.
  • Visualize your assets on indoor maps of your facility - natively through JavaScript, iOS and Android.

This makes it easy to find out where the device you’re looking for currently is. Should you need to integrate data to another system, a REST API is available.This is just a few examples of how Cisco Spaces and MapsIndoors can be combined. Reach out to us to discuss your needs and ideas, and we’ll help you bring your projects to life.

Webex by Cisco

MapsIndoors also integrates with Webex Room Kits. This add-on let’s the mapping platform pull data from Webex equipped meeting rooms to visualize current occupancy as well as environmental data such as temperatures, humidity and air quality.

How can MapsIndoors increase the value of your solution?