Vpod & MapsPeople: Taking visitor experience to new heights

Visitor management system

Vpod’s visitor management system, Vgreet is an all-in-one cloud-based reception kiosk that enables visitors, employees, and contractors to enter the building quickly and safely, while prioritizing a fantastic first impression. The virtual receptionist empowers users to easily check-in, book rooms and desks, and get directions to their destination.

Vgreet specializes in its complete customization in both workflows and user interface. It fits into any workflow and any software.

It is the integration of MapsPeople’s indoor mapping platform, MapsIndoors, that enables indoor wayfinding on the Vgreet kiosks. Once visitors have found their destination on the screen, they can send them to their phone by typing in their phone number. They will then receive a text with a link that opens the MapsIndoors web application with the directions already present, thus allowing them to navigate without the need for human interaction.


About Vpod

Vpod makes your workplace better and your work easier by simplifying processes and amplifying experiences. They offer a smart tool platform that allows for unlimited integrations and clear communication with seamless virtual receptions and top-quality intelligent locker systems. Their visitor management solutions engage employees and connect creatives to consumers, leading the way for true workplace evolution. Additionally, their workplace consultants help interpret data and optimize workspaces to best accommodate your culture and unique needs.

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  • In this partnership, our shared commitment to exceptional visitor experiences is at the core. Vgreet effortlessly integrates into various workflows and software environments, ensuring tailored solutions that precisely meet each client's distinctive requirements. Together, we're making significant strides in the field of visitor management and indoor navigation solutions. Our joint efforts are transforming the accessibility of buildings and revolutionising the way first impressions are made.

    Paul Twitchell

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