Ubiqisense & MapsPeople: Optimizing the physical workspace

Maximize space utilization

Real estate is one of the highest expenses for most companies. In addition, 40% of the world’s energy today is consumed in buildings, but a lot of those buildings are empty or half empty. By understanding how people use and interact with buildings, you can optimize your workspace usage and make sure that energy is only consumed when it is needed.

Together, MapsPeople and Ubiqisense help facilities maximize space utilization, reduce costs, and enhance workplace experience by providing companies and employees with actionable insights. By overlaying live data from Ubiquense’s occupancy sensor on the MapsIndoors map, users are empowered with all the information they need in one visual experience. This allows employees to easily see and navigate to available meeting rooms and workstations, while allowing facility managers to see what spaces are the most attractive and adapt your layout accordingly.


Smart occupancy sensors

The Ubiqisense occupancy sensor is an AI-based sensor device that collects data on the way people use and interact with spaces, facilitating the optimization of any given space. It is 100% GDPR compliant and easily integrates with other smart energy-saving solutions, empowering you to potentially cut real estate costs and reduce your carbon footprint.


About Ubiqisense

Started in 2016, Ubiqisense was created with the vision of using live occupancy data to help reduce energy consumption. When you feed live data into the BMS system that controls the energy sources - like light, ventilation, or heating - you can start to tailor the energy consumption to the number of people, instead of constantly running a building as if it was 100% occupied.


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