MapsPeople x Mapbox


About Mapbox

Mapbox is a mapping and location cloud platform for developers. Mapbox SDKs and APIs equip developers and designers to build real-time location awareness into their apps.

Mapbox has chosen MapsPeople as a preferred indoor mapping partner.

Combining Mapbox and MapsIndoors creates endless opportunities for innovation within 3D mapping and makes a partnership a win-win for both teams.

Elevated user experience with 3D mapping

Mapbox enables high-fidelity maps and advanced 3D modeling capabilities within MapsIndoors.

The Mapbox Maps SDK 3D floor plan and 3D object capabilities enable MapsIndoor to show an unprecedented level of detail in 3D, such as models of 3D workstations, meeting rooms in offices, and other objects that help bring venues to life. Greater detail improves the navigation experience by providing easily recognizable points of reference. The Mapbox vector rendering engine ensures that both the underlying base map and 3D models load smoothly and seamlessly in a polished, high-fidelity map experience


3D is the next frontier for interactive maps. By combining the performance and global coverage of Mapbox with the flexibility and expertise of the MapsIndoors platform, companies can now seamlessly blend the best in 3D mapping technology for a cohesive and engaging experience, both indoors and outdoors, that is scalable and cost-effective.

Mapbox is excited to partner with the MapsPeople team to co-create value for our customers.

Young Hahn
Chief Technology Officer

MapsIndoors built on Mapbox

A MapsIndoors solution built on Mapbox consists of six layers. The bottom layer is the Mapbox map, which serves as the foundation of the solution.

The second layer is the clients 3D floor plans. Once the floor plans are in place, we create the third layer that consists of an Indoor Route Network and add the Mapbox Directions API. This layer ensures accurate wayfinding.

Layer four consists of custom points of interest you add to your solution, e.g. meeting rooms, cafés, bathrooms, exits, etc.

The fifth layer contains the 3D objects, such as tables and chairs.

Lastly, we add dynamic integrations in the sixth and final layer. Dynamic integrations include live availability, booking, IoT sensors, asset tracking, and more.

How can MapsIndoors increase the value of your solution?