Oriient & MapsIndoors: accurate indoor location made simple

Just like GPS, but indoors, and without any hardware installation - using only the wonder of Earth's magnetic field and deep learning technology.


Most are familiar with the blue dot positioning experience when using Google Maps or similar GPS based mapping services.

The blue dot provides a better overview for the user and makes it easier to determine where you are and where to go.

However, GPS isn’t available for indoor location services and thus, indoor wayfinding relies on indoor positioning systems (IPS) for a similar experience.



Depending on the level of accuracy needed, IPS can be quite costly and time-consuming to set up. Plus, most indoor positioning systems use hardware that requires regular maintenance.

In other words, IPS can provide insufficient accuracy or be a resource-intensive and time-consuming addition to your indoor wayfinding solution.


By pairing MapsIndoors with Oriient’s indoor positioning capabilities, convenient indoor navigation with real-time positioning has finally become a reality - for users and facility management alike. With a geomagnetic indoor positioning solution, you can experience positioning with 3 ft (1 m) accuracy - on any smartphone, inside any building, anywhere in the world.

The solution works just like indoor GPS, but instead of using WiFi or bluetooth signals to triangulate your position, it uses the earth’s magnetic field, existing smartphone sensors, and proprietary deep learning technology to determine your exact location. This means you don’t need WiFi or beacons, making it an incredibly scalable option.

The benefits of geomagnetic positioning like Oriient’s IndoorGPS are suitable for various markets and types of buildings, especially in very large buildings, or complexes consisting of several buildings. Additionally, IndoorGPS can offer proximity-based messaging capabilities based on user location or set areas, staff monitoring for operational efficiency, and indoor traffic and analytics. 


  • Bringing one of the most advanced indoor mapping platforms together with a highly scalable and accurate real-time positioning solution, makes the combined software-only solution accessible to all types of buildings and very cost-effective.

    Or Shin
    Chief Business Officer

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