Liveli & MapsPeople: Innovation within location intelligence

Location-based services

MapsPeople partnered with Liveli to further strengthen its position in Asia Pacific and to extend its support to clients in Australia and the broader APAC region. Liveli can offer MapsPeople licensing and on-the-ground support to clients in this region who want to utilize the MapsPeople indoor wayfinding platform. Their team can also provide the knowledge to help build a fit-for-purpose indoor mapping solution. 

MapsPeople’s indoor mapping platform MapsIndoors is built with Google Maps technology and offers the same look and feel and functionalities as Google Maps. This means that Liveli already has a prior understanding of how the indoor mapping platform works, and with their Google Maps experience, they are a solid co-player to MapsPeople.


About Liveli

As a Google Maps and Cloud partner with a specialization in location-based services, the Liveli team knew it made sense to add indoor mapping to its portfolio. 

Liveli can offer licensing of the MapsIndoors platform as well as local support for Australian clients. 




  • Liveli believes in helping businesses improve by using the best mapping technology so when it came to indoor-outdoor navigation, partnering with MapsPeople was an easy decision. Not only is MapsPeople with its MapsIndoor product a global leader in this space, but they are Google Maps Premier Partners. They also have a fantastic team culture and offer excellent training and support, which really resonated with me. I am very excited to be partnering with MapsPeople and bringing the amazing MapsIndoors solution to the ANZ market.

    Oliver Looker
    General Manger

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