AeroGuest & MapsPeople: Innovating the hospitality industry

Next level mobile hospitality

The reason why AeroGuest is becoming more and more successful is, among other things, the fact that it offers hotel guests features that are completely new to the market. One of them is the "Choose room" feature which was developed in cooperation with MapsPeople. 

During the digital check-in, guests can choose the exact room they want to stay in from the list, or thanks to MapsIndoors via an interactive map where they can see where the hotel room is located. The map allows hotel guests to choose a specific room from the hotel’s floor plan. Whether it’s a room close to the elevator, courtyard, hotel bar or even a room with a specific view. 

This summer Choose Room became a full blown hospitality service, as a lot of guests welcomed the service. The reason for the feature becoming such a huge success among hotel guests is that they love to be in charge of their stay and control every single aspect of it.

Together with MapsPeople, AeroGuest defines next level mobile hospitality.


About AeroGuest

Many industries innovate and digitize as time goes on. However, this cannot be said with certainty about the hospitality industry, and this is where the AeroGuest concept came from. AeroGuest built the most advanced SaaS platform and guest facing travel tech solutions in the industry in order to realize its vision of bringing 100% digitalization and advanced mobile hospitality to hotels.

AeroGuest provides hotel guests with the freedom and ability to control their hotel stay through their own smartphone. This not only gives the guests a whole new experience but there are also plenty of benefits for hotels. AeroGuest is a whole new revenue stream, and on top of that we replace unnecessary paperwork at the reception when guest arrive, so the receptionists can serve the guests and give them a better experience.



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