Improve the fan experience with Indoor Wayfinding

Stadiums are fun filled but also hectic at times, and it can often be pretty much impossible to find your seat in time for kick off. With MapsIndoors you can offer fans a wayfinding solution, which can turn their experience at your stadium into one they want to repeat and rave to everyone about. Add to that the possibility of sending them special food and drinks vouchers or discount codes for upcoming matches and you have the winning formula.


At Europe's largest football stadium, Camp Nou, close to 100,000 people gather each weekend


Boost merchandise and food sales by sending discount coupons and attracting fans to the stalls

Improve the fan experience

When thousands of fans make their way to the stadium on match day, things oftentimes get crowded and very stressful. By offering fans an easy-to-use indoor wayfinding solution, you allow them to plan their visit to the stadium from home and get the exact route all the way to their seat inside the arena. They can get an overview of the route and see all points of interest along the way such as merchandise stalls, food and drink vendors and ticket check points. By allowing them to plan ahead, you remove some of the stress involved in visiting a busy stadium and make it more likely that they will return and tell others about the great experience.


By combining MapsIndoors with an indoor positioning technology, you can also gain great insights on how fans move around the stadium and hereby ensure that you place merchandise stalls and food and drink vendors in the most optimal places. You might find out that loads of fans gather in front of one food outlet and struggle to get back to their seat in time for the second half, while another food truck is practically deserted. By using your indoor wayfinding solution as more than just a navigation aid, you can optimize the entire layout of the arena and improve the overall fan experience.


There is a range of options when it comes to indoor positioning technology. Whether beacons, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or light positioning is right for your venue, depends on the building structure, layout and existing technology. We are happy to advise you on which positioning technology to choose.

Boost merchandise, food and beverage sales

Fans use their smartphones during games so why not take advantage of this and make sure you communicate directly with them while they are at the arena?


MapsIndoors gives you the option to do just that – to engage directly with fans before, during and after the game. You can send them in-app food and drink offers and notify them about special deals at the merchandise outlet. As an extra service, the system can also be set up to inform them of how they get out of the stadium and if any exits are closer than others.


Benefits of Indoor Navigation for stadiums

  • Improve the fan experience and fan loyalty
  • Allow fans to navigate from their home to a specific seat within your venue
  • Boost merchandise sales
  • Increase food and beverage sales
  • Reinforce overall stadium branding
  • Seamless outdoor to indoor navigation


The 2022 Stadium

If you want to know more about what indoor navigation can do for your stadium, download our free eBook, The 2022 Stadium: How To Monetize Fans and Keep Them Safe Without Ruining the Fan Experience.


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