Bella Center Copenhagen offers indoor navigation to all visitors and the use of beacons and geolocation allows them to generate a revenue from their MapsIndoors mapping solution.


Bella Center has more than 120,000 square meters of exhibition halls, hotel, conference rooms, auditoriums and meeting rooms.


More than 200 established companies have outlets inside the Bella Center. All of which are visible and searchable with MapsIndoors.


The largest conference and exhibition center in Scandinavia, Bella Center – Copenhagen Congress Center  – has more than 120,000 square meters of exhibition halls, hotel, conference rooms, auditoriums and meeting rooms. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Bella Center Copenhagen knew that finding the right location could often be difficult for their visitors and to find a specific stand in one of the large exhibition halls could prove to be even more challenging.


An ambition to further improve the quality for both visitors and exhibitors uncovered the need for an indoor wayfinding tool. With the many exhibitions being hosted at Bella Center Copenhagen, it was important that their new mapping solution came with a digital map which could support the dynamic and changing layouts of their floor spaces.


Their indoor navigation system should offer users with turn-by-turn navigation through the vast space and many floors to any points of interest; the hotel reception, parking spaces, restrooms or to any one of the around 200 established companies inside of Bella Center Copenhagen. It should allow indoor wayfinding between any of the temporary exhibition stands and be easy to access for anyone.


MapsIndoors is designed to map large indoor venues such as Bella Center. Thousands of square meters and an ever-changing layout is now a part of their custom-made wayfinder app available for both iOS and Android. All visitors are able to get turn-by-turn navigation to whichever stand they need to get to. By installing beacons throughout Bella Center Copenhagen, visitors are ensured an accurate indoor positioning system for getting directions.


By using the MapsIndoors CMS, employees at Bella Center Copenhagen with no programming skills are able to edit their indoor map at any time. We adapt the indoor floor plan of the great halls for each exhibition, while their staff can add or delete points of interest, edit the details and descriptions of these and even manage the beacons – all in the MapsIndoors CMS.


As we enabled Bella Center Copenhagen to manage all the beacons in the congress center, they now use the geolocation and indoor positioning of their users for a commercial purpose to generate a return on investment from MapsIndoors. Stands and exhibitors can purchase push-notifications to be activated when the users enter a geofence set around their stand. The same function also allows Bella Center Copenhagen to send out location-based service messages such as welcoming new arrivals when they enter the congress center.


Bella Center Copenhagen now provides fast and easy indoor routing to all visitors while being able to use their geolocation for both commercial use and customer care.

With indoor navigation, Bella Center Copehagen can increase the average visitor spend
Bella Center wants to increase the number of app downloads
Staff at Bella Center now spend less time showing people around

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