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Q4 2023

MapsIndoors continues to progress, providing you with growing capabilities and improved efficiency. Explore the latest updates and innovations from MapsIndoors.

Developer documentation

Introducing our revamped Developer Documentation site — your go-to resource for tapping into the full potential of the MapsIndoors platform. No matter whether your map solution is based on web SDK, mobile SDK, our pre-coded Map Template or cross-platform bindings, like Flutter and React Native, you can dive into comprehensive guides, tutorials, and reference materials walking you through every step. The MapsIndoors docs site is designed to make your implementation process seamless and your indoor mapping solution shine.

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Go check out all the guides at our documentation site.

New map behaviour

With a focus on upgrading the map behaviour to a more logical, user-friendly experience, we’ve introduced three new states of map interaction; hover, highlight and select.

When hovering over POIs on the map, the icon will get slightly bigger and the polygon and extrusion will lighten.

When highlighting content, a pink dot will be placed on top of the icon.

When selecting a POI or an area, a pin will be placed on top of the selected object.

This is all default behaviour and can easily be customized to fit the brand and preference of any map solution. Follow the step by step documentation guide here to get started.

Global performance improvements

In order to ensure even faster response times for partners worldwide we have changed our API endpoint from being a regional endpoint to a global endpoint.
This means that partners can rest assured that they will deliver a reliable user experience no matter where their customers are located. 

What’s to come...

We are thrilled to share an exclusive glimpse into our future roadmap initiatives. At MapsPeople, we believe in continually pushing boundaries and delivering innovative solutions that maximize the value of your indoor mapping solution. Get ready for a journey filled with cutting-edge features, enhanced functionalities, and remarkable advancements.

Enhanced 3D maps

Get ready for the new additions to MapsIndoors 3D ensuring even better symbolic realism and map interaction. With time of day determining lighting and shadows, showing and hiding of building extrusions, elevated markers, and new label types you’ll get access to an immersive mapping experience like never before.

New and improved kiosk

A new and improved kiosk based on our Map template with pre-coded UI components will shortly be available. This means an even better user experience and faster implementation of the kiosk map solution designed for any space with the need for a physical kiosk helping users access maps of the area, find points of interest, and get directions to specific locations within the venue. 

This and much more is already in the making. Stay tuned for our upcoming product announcements, beta releases, and exciting previews. 


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