MapsIndoors News 

Q2 2023

MapsIndoors is always evolving, empowering you with even more powerful features and improved performance while shaping the future of indoor mapping. Check out the latest and greatest news from MapsIndoors.

Getting started with Map Template

To make it even easier to get started with your digital map, we have launched Map Template. With the basic UI components bundled together for your convenience, it will take you less than 10 minutes to seamlessly incorporate MapsIndoors into your system or app.

map template-1


This means that you can skip the hassle of coding from scratch with the ready-to-use UI components and documentation of Map Template.

Map Template can serve as the fast track to a finalized map solution with all the basic best practice UI elements. Equally, it can be your ideal starting point for speeding up the map implementation for peak performance with additional MapsIndoors features and customization.


SDK usage logging
We are committed to providing you with accurate and reliable data. We have successfully resolved an issue related to SDK usage logging, ensuring that data is properly captured before the page unloads. Say goodbye to any concerns about missing or incomplete information!

Enhanced performance: 2D model rendering on Mapbox
We understand the importance of smooth and efficient rendering for your 2D models. We are thrilled to announce that we have enhanced the performance of rendering 2D models on Mapbox. Experience faster load times and seamless interactions with your models on the map.

Hover events
We have introduced two new events that unlock new possibilities for interactive experiences and engagement with your users like never before. Say hello to "mouseenter" and "mouseleave" events. Now you can easily listen for these events when the mouse cursor enters or leaves a Location. 

iOS and Android SDKs

Full Mapbox support
We are delighted to announce that we now offer full Mapbox support in our iOS and Android SDKs. This means you can enjoy the complete Mapbox experience on mobile, including stunning 3D maps. Let your users immerse themselves in visually captivating environments and unlock a whole new dimension of mapping possibilities.

iOS minimum supported version: iOS 11
To ensure compliance with the latest iOS requirements and deliver the best performance, the minimum supported version for MapsIndoors is now iOS 11. Upgrade to the latest iOS version to ensure a seamless and optimized experience for your iOS users.

Improved CMS for better self-service

New solution settings tab in CMS
The new Solution Settings tab in the CMS, accessible to all users with Admin permissions, empowers you to fine-tune your settings for Main Display Rules, Map Behavior, and 2D+3D settings. 

Streamlined door management
We have added a convenient 'Add Door' button to the toolbar, enabling auto-routing capabilities. Plus, we have introduced a user-friendly free-hand 'Add Door' functionality, eliminating the need to open Location Details to place doors for specific locations. Simply draw doors with ease, and they will automatically snap to the middle points of the room's walls. Hold down the Shift button to align doors along the room's walls effortlessly.

Perfect fit with 'Fit to Location' button
Smoothly add 2D models to your room or area geometry using the new 'Fit to Location' button. Located in the 2D model section of Display Rules, this feature ensures that your 2D models align seamlessly with the surrounding space. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and easily get accurate 2D models integrated into your map with a single click. 

Enhanced area toolbar
The new Area toolbar provides you with three distinct functions, all conveniently available when selecting an area. Whether you need to move the anchor point, edit geometry, or relocate the area, the toolbar will seamlessly guide you. No more hidden icons or inaccessible editing options - get ready for a smoother and more efficient workflow.

Kiosk additions

We are happy to announce a small, but mighty improvement to our kiosk keyboards. Your feedback has driven us to introduce three new symbols that will streamline your typing experience. Get ready to meet the dot (.), dash (-), and ampersand (&) symbols.

What’s to come...

We are thrilled to share an exclusive glimpse into our future roadmap initiatives. At MapsPeople, we believe in continually pushing boundaries and delivering innovative solutions that maximize the value of your indoor mapping solution. Get ready for a journey filled with cutting-edge features, enhanced functionalities, and remarkable advancements.

Support for Flutter and React Native
We have listened to you and are well into the works of delivering Flutter and React Native support. This way your developers will get to build high-quality, cross-platform applications efficiently, resulting in accelerated development, improved user experiences, and cost savings.

Improved documentation site
An upgrade of our documentation site is on its way. We appreciate the importance that good, thorough documentation has for your experience with MapsIndoors. We want to recognize this by offering you a user-friendly, easy-to-use, and inspirational documentation site. 

This and much more is already in the making. Stay tuned for our upcoming product announcements, beta releases, and exciting previews.