Faster and easier map management with display rules

Working with your map in the MapsIndoors CMS is now easier than ever. A range of updates designed to make it even easier for you to manage your map solution is now available.

Display rules make the difference

Scalability and automation are a must when you’re working with complex indoor maps. Display rules make it easy to make changes across your map solution.

Display rules work with a flexible inheritance principle. This means that you can set a main display rule to determine how all of your geo data is shown with overrides at both the type level and for individual locations.
An example could be that you have a Main Display Rule that says all polygons should be green. But you want all your meeting rooms to be orange, so you make that setting on the "Meeting Room" type. However, you have a meeting room named "Ocean View" that you really want to color blue, so you set that location for blue specifically. Then the whole map has green polygons, with orange meeting rooms and one blue meeting room.

Display rule editor

The display rule editor in the MapsIndoors CMS is now located on the left-hand side with your map on the right. This lets you easily review your changes while you are making them.

The display rule editor also supports 3D maps, giving you the power to change room and wall extrusions, as well as upload, set, and rotate 3D models.


Images on map

Likewise, you can use the display rules on 2D models to set, rotate, and scale them.

In MapsIndoors, the 2D models are images on your map. You can upload any 2D image you want to your map and scale it according to the zoom level in comparison to an icon that keeps a fixed pixel size. Additionally, you can work with your 2D models by fitting them to polygon and auto-rotate simply by clicking the ‘Fit to polygon’ button and the image will automatically fit to the trending angle of the room or area’s polygon. 

If you are using 2D and 3D models in your map solution, the toolbar now also includes 2D and 3D buttons to easily let you turn on/off your 2D and 3D objects.