Leverage the power of 3D maps

There are 3D maps, and then there are the new 3D maps in MapsIndoors.

Next level design

Forget about generic, simple extrusions, and get ready for detailed 3D models and objects that bring your map to life. The new 3D maps let you see buildings and objects as they look in real life, leading to better orientation with an accurate understanding of sizes, heights, and distances.

Customize your 3D maps to your liking with colors and 3D models that reflect your brand and identity - and you are all set for letting the accuracy and level of detail in the 3D maps fast-track you to increased user engagement and adoption.



Detailed, customized 3D maps at scale

Regardless of the size of your solution you can get stunning and engaging 3D indoor maps at scale.

With MapsIndoors’ 3D maps, you can easily switch from 2D to 3D with a single click and no extra effort or time is needed to roll out 3D maps.

Flexible by design

MapsIndoors’ 3D maps are designed to cater to both small and large solutions with flexible customization options. You can brand your 3D map with colors to your liking and upload your own 3D models or use the large range of self-service 3D models.

Learn more more about bringing your maps to life with advanced 3D here >