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A map of your buildings and your outdoor spaces
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Mapping your outdoor areas

Being an indoor navigation platform, MapsIndoors is mainly used to help people navigate large indoor spaces. However, the world is full of private outdoor spaces, where a great overview and wayfinding are just as important as indoors.


Think of amusement parks, holiday resorts, sports events, educational spaces, car parks, and more. See our showcases here.


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An unbeatable overview

Whether you are guiding people from building A to B or from one rollercoaster to another, a digital map is a key component in creating an outstanding experience – plus, it gives you more control over your outdoor spaces.


Allow people to follow their favorite player at a golf tournament, let them see waiting times at your rides, and make it easy for them to find an available parking spot in a crowded car park, so they can make the most of their visit.


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Take control of your outdoor facilities

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