Explore, Navigate, Search, Track, Enjoy

Integrate an interactive indoor map in your solution with all the functionality that the users of today expect. Let the indoor maps reflect buildings, brands and data as you like and allow users to enjoy the emerging indoor map experience - directly inside your product or as a stand-alone map.

Simple 2D and full-blown 3D experience
Geo-referenced on real world coordinates
All your real-time data in one single map
Faster map maintenance and updates with Al
Native SDKs for web, iOS, and Android
Outdoor to indoor navigation
25,000 buildings mapped
99.99% uptime

Make It Your Map

Determine your own mapping style with just the look, feel, and functionality that fit your needs or opt for the pre-determined best practice map style.

Get Wayfinding out of the Box

Slice and dice your map data and control what is searchable, how search results are displayed, and who can search for what.

Turn-by-turn navigation
Available on web, mobile and kiosk
Define preferred routes
Calculate arrival time
Block areas for user roles
Outdoor to indoor navigation
Route design for accessibility
Multi-stop navigation

Visualize Dynamic Live Data on the Map

Let your data come to life with the visualization of your indoor maps. Use the map features to illustrate condition, state, and details.

Building more retention into your product with data

Connect live data sensors, calendar booking systems, ERP systems, and more to enrich your indoor map as a centralized user hub.

Display external dynamic data to enhance the map's utility, relevance, real-time applicability, and customization for specific use cases.

By dynamically adapting the visualization of your indoor map data, you get a unified, up-to-date, and contextually relevant digital twin that ensures a full user experience.

Manage Your Maps in Real-Time

Easily add, edit, and maintain your indoor map styling and content in the MapsIndoors Content Management System.

Eliminate back-and-forth email chains with instant map updates

Act and deliver immediately on your customers' needs for map updates or changes through the CMS self-service.

Redesign map layout
Create floors
Customize colors
Update floors
Edit rooms
Delete floors
Split rooms
Adjust zoom levels
Merge rooms
Set display rules
Edit meta data
Set map starting point
Add labels
Manage user permissions
Edit meta data
Set translations
Add 2D/3D objects
Integrate external IDs
Rotate 2D/3D objects
Categorize locations

Map Update Automation

Updated maps are crucial for increasing engagement. If your maps are not up-to-date, users stop trusting them and stop using them.

Map Update Automation is a one-step process where you upload your latest floor plan and let our AI-powered map engine, MapsIndoors AI, handle the rest.

Powered by MapsIndoors AI, the process covers all coordination, detection of floor plan changes, and implementation of all map updates regardless of frequency or volume.

Getting the Indoor Map into Your Product

Whether you prefer the flexibility of SDKs, the ease of Flutter and React Native, or the simplicity of a pre-built web app, the MapsIndoors platform has got you covered.

Native web and mobile SDKs
Opt for the advanced solution with endless customization and integration options. The native SDKs on web, iOS, and Android give you complete freedom in your implementation and customization.

Web app
For a low effort implementation with best practice map functionality, get a finalized MapsIndoors solution for immediate use as a URL, iframe or embedded web app, or use the source code to fast-track your project.

Flutter and React Native
Integrate our mobile SDKs into your React Native or Flutter projects. Our mobile SDKs are optimized for seamless compatibility, ensuring a smooth implementation tailored to your framework of choice.

Developer documentation
Guiding you through every step of your implementation, the MapsIndoors Developer Docs offers comprehensive guides, tutorials, and reference materials designed to make your implementation process fast and easy.

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Indoor Maps in the Outside World

Easily add, edit, and maintain your indoor map styling and content in the MapsIndoors Content Management System.

Outdoor to indoor navigation
Smooth transition for uninterrupted wayfinding between outdoor and indoor spaces.

Many buildings in one map
Combine buildings, venues, campuses, etc. in the same map solution with easy navigation between them using the outdoor map.

Outdoor points of interests
Make outdoor points of interest and map markers appear and disappear on your map as you see fit.

Stand out as a landmark
Include custom 3D landmark models of your buildings to stand out on the outdoor map.

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