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MapsIndoors is the perfect foundation for any project or solution that needs a map.


The platform is built with Google Maps technology which ensures seamless transitions from outdoor to indoor navigation and quick adoption. This makes it easy for users to get directions within the building, between campuses, and even off-site.


MapsIndoors is easily integrated into mobile apps, kiosks, and websites, allowing navigation hand-offs between platforms and ensuring that your maps can be accessed at any time. And with the MapsIndoors Content Management System, updating and customizing your indoor maps has never been easier. See our showcases here.

Loved across industries

Improve productivity, enhance employee experience, and reduce costs. With MapsIndoors employees can surface all important information and in one place, allowing them to make quick, efficient, and informed decisions.


Corporate offices use MapsIndoors to visualize live data and to search for office amenities, meeting rooms, and workstations. The platform also lets you create a smart office experience by integrating booking systems, occupancy sensors, parking availability, and more.


While the flexibility and scalability of MapsIndoors makes it a valued platform among corporate offices, it is loved across industries. MapsIndoors can be applied to all large venues including stadiums and convention centers, but also private outdoor facilities, such as amusement parks, holiday resorts, and sports events benefit from the MapsIndoors platform.


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Today’s modern venues are smart, integrated, and connected, but they have one major problem: data.


The problem is not the lack of data. Instead, the problem is the overload of information that is spread across disparate software platforms: the segregated data.


With MapsIndoors you can integrate important information into a map of your spaces, providing users with all the information in one visual experience.


Thanks to dynamic integrations MapsIndoors shows all of your data in real-time. A dynamic integration is a live data integration that provides users with an interactive experience on the map and fresh data to always make informed decisions. You can integrate MapsIndoors with almost any third-party data system including booking systems, IoT devices, and sensor systems, and MapsIndoors will show the information on your map immediately.


Integrations and add-ons

"The MapsIndoors tool and map are both user-friendly and accurate and the fact that you can easily integrate the platform with other third party systems makes it a valuable tool when you’re hosting a big conference"

Cam Macintosh, Next Digital Lead, Google Cloud


Manage, update and edit your MapsIndoors

Very few indoor spaces are static – both the layout and the points of interest displayed on the maps change constantly. With the MapsIndoors CMS you get a single point of entry to edit and update your indoor maps and wayfinding platform. Any information shown on the map can be altered at any time, which means that you are in full control.


The MapsIndoors CMS also allows you to manage your indoor positioning system and the use of location-based services such as push-notifications.


The MapsIndoors CMS is intuitive and easy to use and does not require programming skills.


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