Indoor navigation for airports

Reduce passenger stress with Indoor Navigation

For both experienced and novice travellers, airports are always synonymous with some form of stress. Long queues at Security or a last minute gate change can make an otherwise well planned trip stressful and rushed. Perhaps this is why surveys show, that 80 % of all travellers find it very important to have airport navigation at the palm of their hands. With MapsIndoors, you can provide passengers with indoor maps and comprehensive wayfinding, which allows them to quickly find their gate and hereby reduce the stress they experience when travelling to or from your airport.

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Less stress = more money spent

When you reduce the stress and time travellers spend looking for their gate, you increase the amount of time they have in the shopping and dining area. When they know where they are going and how long it is going to take them to get there, they are much more likely to hang around the shops, restaurants and bars for longer - which will result in an increased spend at your airport.

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Connect with travellers

The possibilities with MapsIndoors extend beyond indoor wayfinding. By implementing and interfacing to an indoor positioning technology, you can engage with travellers whilst they are at the airport. You can send them push notifications containing special offers and coupons based on which shop or restaurant they are passing by and hereby encourage them to take advantage of great offers.

You will also be able to send them live updates about gate changes and changes to departure times. This service will help enhance the overall experience at the airport and make it more likely that travellers will return. 92% of passengers would like to receive a notification on their smartphone if any disruptions occur. In case of an emergency or other disruptive events, you can use the same function to notify all passengers at once.

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Integration on all platforms

MapsIndoors is optimised for Android and iOS and can easily be integrated into websites and info kiosks at the airport for those who prefer to get an overview of shops and gates on a larger screen.

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Benefits of Indoor Wayfinding at Airports

  • Improve the traveller's experience and loyalty
  • Boost tax free shopping through location based advertising
  • Extend the airport service to include in app notifications
  • Gain insights into passenger flow and behaviour at the airport
  • Improve the overall branding of the airport

Case stories about airport navigation

Read our case stories and learn more about how Copenhagen Airport and El Dorado International Airport are using indoor airport navigation to create a better experience for their passengers.

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