Get your map in 10 minutes

Pre-coded UI components make it fast, simple and easy to launch new maps.

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Faster, better and easier

Skip the hassle of coding from scratch and easily get your map solution ready to deliver the best user experience with the ready-to-use, best-practice UI components of the Map Template.

Whether your map is a stand-alone solution or part of an existing app, the fully featured and ready to use code repository of the Map Template is your new best friend for map implementation.

It serves either as the fast track to a finalized map solution with all the best practice UI elements or as the ideal starting point for speeding up the map implementation for peak performance with the full range of MapsIndoors features and bespoke customization.

Easy and fast

The Map Template includes all the basic UI components needed for a final map solution combined with the necessary documentation. With this package the Map Template lives up to its purpose of removing the complexity of a map implementation. With less resources needed for the implementation, you get faster time to value. Simple as that.


Learn from the best

The Map Template comes with best-in-class design based on the solutions of experienced map providers. Without spending resources with UX skills and indoor mapping experience, you’re all set with a great user experience of your map with ready-to-use UI components based on map design best practice.