Elevate your show

Enhance the attendee experience with a digital map that brings your venue to life. Detailed mapping and wayfinding empowers visitors to make the most of their time at your show.

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A better attendee experience

A great event experience starts before visitors even step foot inside your venue. With MapsIndoors, visitors are equipped with seamless outdoor-to-indoor navigation that guides them step-by-step from their front door, hotel, or airport directly to the registration table, booth, or meeting room inside your convention center.

MapsIndoors lets attendees create their own customized experience based on their preferences and plans. With a few selections, visitors can add destinations to their route that guides them to every booth and session. No more wasting time searching for exhibitions or speakers.

With in-app time estimates, visitors can see in-real time how long it will take to get from Point A to Point B, giving them the ability to make the most out of their time. They will know with a glance if there is time to grab a coffee before the next session or squeeze in one more meeting before catching that flight.


Optimize booth pricing

Analyze how visitors move through your space with detailed heat mapping capabilities so you can differentiate booth pricing based on people flow. MapsIndoors gathers, analyzes, and visualizes data about your visitor behavior, so you can precisely quantify the value of each booth location and back up your promise of exposure with data.

Detailed user data also shows if your layout is optimized or needs some tweaking to promote better foot traffic flow. Design a space to fit your users’ needs.

Adapt to changing layouts

Versatile venues need flexible platforms. With MapsIndoors’ standard Content Management System (CMS) you can quickly and easily add and edit points of interest and create custom layouts for each of your events. 

Save yourself the cost and effort of maintaining and updating a static map while ensuring that attendees always have a clear and updated overview of your spaces, relevant event information, and accurate wayfinding.

  • Having wayfinding that can actually send people in the right direction, it adds massive value. We have loved using it and it looks great. We are very pleased that we've found MapsPeople because the relationship is very strong. 

    Marc Goodman
    Head of Global Channel

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