Navigating multiple buildings
Navigating a large and complex office can be a challenging task. As part of the inauguration of a new building, Hogia wanted to replace their existing mapping solution with a flexible indoor wayfinding solution, allowing employees to easily navigate their large buildings and many meeting rooms.
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The Hogia Group comprises 27-companies in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom with close to 700 employees. With standard software as its core business, the Hogia Group currently operates in three business areas: Business and Accounting, Human Resource, and Payroll, and Transport.



Diverse office layouts make it burdensome for both employees and office guests to find where they are going. Fifty percent of office workers report spending excessive time looking for conference rooms due to wayfinding problems.

Not only is this a waste of company resources, it affects employee productivity and increases frustration. Any increase in frustration is a direct hit to employee engagement, which is harder than ever to foster in today’s competitive corporate environment.

With 550 employees in Sweden, two large buildings — one of them being completely new — and visitors from all over the country, Hogia needed reliable wayfinding to help people navigate their spaces.

When they contacted MapsPeople, the company was already using an indoor navigation solution they had developed themselves. However, the solution only worked on desktop, and they wanted to offer their employees a more intuitive, smooth, and flexible experience.


Hogia’s goal was to make it easy for all employees to navigate all buildings and find the right meeting room, no matter if they were visiting a new location or moving around in a familiar space.

Before reaching out to MapsPeople, Hogia had been in contact with other indoor navigation providers. However, their solutions were found to require too much additional development from Hogia’s perspective.

Hogia had three main requirements. The solution had to

  • Be flexible and work on both desktop, mobile devices, and kiosks
  • Be scalable and easy to implement with other third-party systems
  • Not require too much development

MapsIndoors was the perfect fit for Hogia, as it includes mapping of their venue, SDK (software development kit) for iOS, Android, and web, MapsIndoors source code, continuous SDK updates, as well as getting started and maintenance support.

The solution is currently available to employees in two office buildings with plans of expanding it to all Hogia employees. With their MapsIndoors solution, Hogia is going back to basics, focusing on wayfinding, scalability, and the possibilities of further developing the solution in the future as new needs may arise.


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The cooperation with MapsPeople works very well, if we need help, we get it very quickly. Using MapsIndoors has given us a flexible solution that makes it is easy for us to make changes. We chose MapsPeople as they offered a product that was ready to use and only needed to be customized to our offices and requirements.
Ronny Stenseth, Facility Manager
Works on desktop, mobile devices, and kiosks
Seamless transition between indoor and outdoor navigation ensures easy wayfinding in and between buildings
Easy to integrate in Hogia’s own environment and apps