Indoor hospital navigation

Reduce patient stress with Indoor Wayfinding

Most people find visiting a hospital quite a daunting experience and 9 times out of 10 we end up having to ask a member of staff for directions to where we need to be. Feeling ‘lost’ adds to the patient or visitor stress and having to show people around takes away valuable time from hospital staff.

With MapsIndoors, you can offer both patients, visitors and staff an in-app indoor wayfinding solution, which will improve the experience at the hospital significantly and reduce the amount of time, your staff spends showing people around and in turn improve their workflow.

The indoor wayfinding solution from MapsPeople can be integrated into your hospital wayfinding app, website, information kiosks and digital signage. Through the multi platform integration you ensure, that all patients, visitors and staff are provided with a great and easy-to-use hospital wayfinding solution.

MapsIndoors Hospital Navigation

Improve the use of hospital and staff resources

With miles of almost identical hospital halls and corridors, it is easy for patients and visitors to get lost in a hospital. And visitors asking doctors and nurses for directions is not only a nuisance that removes their focus from their important tasks. Research has found that there is a significant cost associated with it as well.

Staff members such as doctors and nurses spend more than 4,500 hours per year on giving visitors directions. That is the equivalent of two full-time positions. The hidden cost of directing people is enormous and can be significantly reduced by providing visitors with self-service solutions such as an in-app indoor wayfinding solution.

MapsIndoors Hospital Wayfinding

Improve the experience for patients and visitors

Frustration of getting lost is ranked as one of the top complaints by hospital visitors. Feeling lost only enhances what visitors and patients may already experience as an anxiety-producing situation.

An indoor hospital wayfinding solution will allow users to search for points of interest and get the most optimal route to their destination. Finding specific wards or simply the restrooms will become much easier.

Through observations of people’s movement in hospitals, researchers have found that people tend to move along integrated routes - routes that are more accessible and with fewer turns. 

By combining your indoor wayfinding solution with an indoor positioning system, you can gain insight into people flow and identify the most popular routes through the hospital. You will not only learn how patients and visitors are using the hospital corridors, but also find out if your medical staff are using the fastest routes around the buildings.

Hospital MapsIndoors

Optimise navigation for hospital staff

Nearly half of doctors experience incidences of getting lost on the way to a crash call. Even when you know where to go, you often don't take the fastest route. Indoor navigation allows you to optimise the workflow at your hospital to secure efficient route planning for all staff members.

Research from the University of Nottingham indicates the importance for route optimisation among hospital staff. When working at large hospitals, doctors consider route planning and optimisation a vital part of their work.

MapsIndoors Hospital Navigation

Benefits of Indoor Wayfinding for hospitals

  • Improve the overall patient and visitor experience at your hospital
  • Control who should have access to where - visitors do not require access to the same parts of the hospital as doctors and nurses do
  • Reduce interruptions of medical staff being asked for directions
  • Patients, visitors and staff will always be offered the most optimal route to their location. Stairs and elevators are included
  • Integrate traditional hospital wayfinding signage with your indoor navigation platform and hospital wayfinding app
  • Navigate seamlessly from outside the hospital and all the way into a specific hospital ward

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