Improving student experience at the University of Galway

The University of Galway serves over 18,000 students and 2,000 staff members and is listed among the 30 most beautiful campuses in Europe. For arriving first-year students, though, navigating the campus was not always a beautiful experience.  


Students struggled to navigate the campus area and it was common to see people wandering around looking lost. The university wanted them to have a better experience and to feel more in control.


The university engaged with Modo and leveraged its low-code app-building platform to deliver interactive indoor and outdoor maps and directions through MapsPeople as part of a unified digital experience with Modo Campus.

Using Modo Campus, the university launched the University of Galway mobile app with personas for students, parents/guardians, visitors, and staff. It gave students a central hub for all of the information they needed quickly and exposed them to services they weren’t aware of. Additionally, the app enables the university to communicate more effectively thanks to in-app notifications, eliminating the problem of students missing timely communications sent to their campus email addresses.

By leveraging a technology partnership between MapsPeople and Modo, the University of Galway is also able to offer students seamless navigation, including turn-by-turn directions outdoors and indoors, directly from the University of Galway mobile app. As the maps are built with Google Maps technology, students are offered well-known features, like zooming and panning, and a familiar user experience.

With the MapsPeople content management system (CMS), the university can easily update, add, and delete Points of Interest (POIs) and areas as well as make changes to routes. Thanks to the CMS, they are able to add locations quickly and have them appear in the app’s interactive maps immediately.

University of Galway_logo
University of Galway_logo

“MapsPeople inside Modo is the best of both worlds. It is visual, easy to use, and completely empowers people. You can add content so fast and there’s so little that needs to be done. Modo does all of the heavy lifting.”

Evan Ryder
Technologist, Information Solutions and Services
University of Galway

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