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Real-time asset tracking: How Milestone Systems revolutionized its solution with indoor mapping.


Milestone Systems, a global leader in video technology solutions, sought to revolutionize asset and people tracking within industrial and office environments. Now, with an aim to harness the power of technology to gain real-time insights into the movement of physical assets and individuals, Milestone Systems has partnered with MapsPeople to create a comprehensive solution for asset and people tracking.


Traditional asset and people tracking methods are often labor-intensive, error-prone, and lack real-time visibility. Thus, Milestone Systems was challenged in terms of optimizing its tracking processes, improving security, and enhancing operational efficiency within its experience center.

Solution: Real-time asset tracking

To address these challenges and facilitate an upgrade to its solution, Milestone Systems has teamed up with MapsPeople to implement MapsIndoors within its Experience Center in Singapore. MapsIndoors seamlessly integrates with a range of IoT devices, offering real-time visualization of IoT data directly on its indoor maps. To create a comprehensive end-to-end solution for tracking both assets and individuals, MapsPeople joined forces with a Singapore-based local hardware vendor specializing in hardware solutions for people and asset tracking. 

IoT tags specialized to track people and assets were meticulously deployed within the Milestone System Experience Center. In addition to the deployment of hardware, a customized dashboard was developed to harness the capabilities of the MapsIndoors platform by providing a dynamic, real-time display of the precise locations of individuals and assets on a map of the spaces, thus enhancing situational awareness and facilitating efficient tracking.

  1. Asset/people Tag will be carried out by individuals who need to be tracked.

  2. Asset Trackers will be placed on the movable assets.

  3. Sensor Technology will be placed in rooms to show occupancy.

  4. The Gateway will capture the asset and people location and send the requirements to the cloud server.

  5. Cloud Server will hold the asset and people location data

  6. MapsIndoors SDK & Dashboard: The location data for assets and people will be used by MapsIndoors SDK and a front-end dashboard to showcase the location of people and assets on the map

Value-adding benefits

  • Improved efficiency
    Tracking people and assets allows for better resource management and utilization. You can optimize workflows, reduce downtime, and ensure that resources are where they need to be when they need to be there.

  • Enhanced security
    In environments where security is a concern, tracking systems can help monitor and control access to specific areas. This is particularly important in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and critical infrastructure.
  • Cost savings
    Efficient tracking systems can lead to cost savings by minimizing loss or theft of assets. It also helps in reducing manual efforts involved in tracking and managing resources.

  • Risk management
    For industries dealing with high-value assets or sensitive information, tracking helps in mitigating risks. Real-time monitoring can alert organizations to potential issues, enabling proactive responses.

  • Compliance
    In certain industries, compliance with regulations is crucial. Tracking systems can assist in ensuring that people and assets comply with relevant standards. It also enhances accountability as actions and movements can be traced.
  • Data-driven decision making
    Tracking systems generate a wealth of data. Analyzing this data can provide insights into trends, usage patterns, and areas for improvement. This information can be invaluable for making informed decisions.
  • Streamlined processes
    Automation of tracking processes can lead to streamlined operations. For instance, in a warehouse, an automated asset tracking system can significantly speed up inventory management.
  • Emergency response optimization
    In situations where quick responses are essential, such as emergencies or evacuations, knowing the location of people and critical assets is crucial for efficient and effective response.

  • Asset lifecycle management 
    Tracking systems can assist in managing the entire lifecycle of assets, from procurement to retirement. This includes maintenance schedules, updates, and eventual replacement.

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